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I am Dragan Novic, westie breeder and great fan of this beautiful breed. Westies and me, we are together for a 15 years. There was a lot of playing, trimming, training, feeding, cleaning, a lot of puppies, dog shows, travels. There also was a lot of people, e-mails, phone calls. Westies are a big part of my life, and thanks to them , I met many people and saw many places which otherwise I never will met or be. I started with pure bred dogs at 1980.( ! ) when I was 15 years old boy, and westies and I were together, as I say, for a 15 years. I have dogs from some of the most famous kennels in Europe, and trying to improve quality of my dogs all the time. I want to have quality, healthy dogs in my kennel, but it is not easy, of course. This is full time job, but I am not complaining, because this is my choice and this is my love. This is a wonderful breed, with a great temper and always focused to his owner and his family, expecting all the time reason for the games and playing. In general, this is a very healthy breed, and most of the population is healthy. Be careful when you choose the kennel and the puppy, ask about parents health and temper and you will be satisfied about your new companion. I wish to thank to all those people who have trust in me and my dogs during past 15 years and have one of my little devils, my silverbugs, for their life companion! Now, enjoy my web - page and thank you very much for your visit! Telephon number for contact is

+381 69 2008063


Enjoy SILVERBUG kennel web-page!

20.07 2009.


Khal Drogo de Villacrescan

pedigree link

Serbian Junior Champion 3xJCAC 2x Best Junior Junior Club Winner

Grouch Spitfire Voldemort

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Silverbug Misty

rodovnik link

CAJC, Best Junior,CAC

Silverbug Melody

pedigree link

Silverbug tip of the day

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excelent, V3

Darling od Ostojica

pedigree link


Bogarhazi Kreatione

pedigree link

Silverbug Make Up

pedigree link

Silverbug Stardust

pedigree link

Silverbug What A Surprise

pedigree link

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